RobustBench: A standardized benchmark for adversarial robustness


Evaluation of adversarial robustness is often error-prone leading to overestimation of the true robustness of models. Our goal is to establish a standardized benchmark of adversarial robustness, which as accurately as possible reflects the robustness of the considered models within a reasonable computational budget. This requires to impose some restrictions on the admitted models to rule out defenses that only make gradient-based attacks ineffective without improving actual robustness. We evaluate robustness of models for our benchmark with AutoAttack, an ensemble of white- and black-box attacks which was recently shown to improve almost all robustness evaluations compared to the original publications. Our leaderboard aims at reflecting the current state of the art in the $\ell_\infty$- and $\ell_2$-threat models and on common image corruptions, with possible extensions in the future. Additionally, we open-source a library that provides unified access to state-of-the-art robust models to facilitate their downstream applications. Finally, we analyze general trends in $\ell_p$-robustness and its impact on other tasks such as robustness to various distribution shifts and out-of-distribution detection.

ICLR 2021 Workshop on Security and Safety in Machine Learning Systems